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In addition to high-quality photographic images, Total Quality Photo also offers Event photography in the North Texas area. Plus, we are always happy to give photography advice. For camera equipment information and reviews, see the Resources links below. Thank you, and remember the power of a Total Quality Photo!

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If your company still uses paper records or files, we are affiliated with Gill Digital Services, LLC, a Certified Kodak Scanning Bureau ...Convert your paper to indexed and searchable data format...IMMEDIATE BENEFITS to your company: Safeguard your customer records, efficiently store data, and greatly speed up data access, even search on specific fields or keywords in seconds! Consider the *** "Paperless Office" solution*** Please email us at, with your company name, contact info, and availability for a free dramatic demo! 

Are your old hard drives a security risk and in need of secure 100% guaranteed data destruction and disposal?
Are you wasting company space housing old digital media that may also be a security and audit risk? If so, please contact us for detailed information!

Is your software development optimized? 

To dramatically improve the QUALITY of your company's SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT with an excellent suite of software testing tools, email Smartware Technologies at Please mention that Steve Solomon recommends them.


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For an incredible, efficient, and fun workout, which will maximize your core fitness and give you power and energy to enjoy life, try the AWESOME Authentic Russian Kettlebell. Please click below for the BEST solid iron Kettlebells:

For Photography tips and recommendations, email us HERE with your questions.

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