Total Quality Photo

Total Quality Photo - Clients and Affiliations


Clients include the following:

Industrial Photography
Fairleigh Dickinson University Magazine
International Paper Company
The Christian Science Monitor

Chin Woo Circle Newsletter
The International Library of Photography
Jerry Lippin Graphic Arts
Diebold, Inc.
Texas Chiropractors
University of Phoenix
Daisy Chain of Texas
Texas Soccer Associations
Texas School Marching and Jazz Bands

GISD 29th Annual Festival of Bands
The University of Texas at Dallas
The University of North Texas
WLS Surgical Associates
Philanthropy World Magazine

The UT Dallas Chess Program

ASIS International, Inc.

Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau




Audubon Society of Greater Denver
Professional Photographers of America

Boulder County Arts Alliance
Association of Information Technology Professionals
U.S. Chess Federation
U.S. Chin Woo Federation (Tai Chi/Baguazhang)